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welcome to snarfies

We care about what we eat and where it comes from, and that includes our dogs' food, too. Snarfies are handmade premium pet treats with only one or two ingredients: 100% U.S. farmed beef, chicken or egg. 


It all started when...

Snarfies was born as local, personal solution to the problem of finding a reliable source of quality, unadulterated food for our furry family members, and yours.

In 2015 our sweet rescue lab-mix, Hershey, started slowing down, and suddenly stopped eating. We tried different brands but nothing seemed to please her taste buds. After several rounds of tests at the vet's office, we found she was dying from an aggressive form of lymphoma that was sapping her energy and her appetite...


Snarfies in a nutshell

Snarfies are free of additives, binders, fillers, wheat, grains, soy, corn, or powdered anything. We focus on the tastiness and quality of just one, pure ingredient — protein.

Tricks for treats? Oh yeah!
— Max (2, Jack Russell terrier)