Snarfies was born as local, personal solution to the problem of finding a reliable source of quality, unadulterated food for our furry family members, and yours.

In 2015 our sweet rescue lab-mix, Hershey, started slowing down, and suddenly stopped eating. We tried different brands but nothing seemed to please her taste buds. After several rounds of tests at the vet's office, we found she was dying from an aggressive form of lymphoma that was sapping her energy and her appetite. The vet said the current treatments available might buy her a few months, maybe half a year, but her cancer was incurable.

As we worked with the vets to help her feel better, the chief challenge remained enticing her to eat. After research and collecting suggestions from experts, we began creating homemade dog food "toppers" for Hershey, and treats for her and our other pets from whole food limited ingredients. Hershey's appetite returned, to stay. She lived twice as long as the vets had predicted she would, given her cancer diagnosis, and most of her days were good days along the way. We think it had something to do with good food and treats!

After cooking for Hershey, and seeing the difference it made, we thought, maybe what we're doing could help other families like ours.


About our treats

We are convinced that access to high quality food and treats make for healthier, happier pets. People need sources they can trust will go the extra mile to ensure all ingredients used in their pets' food and treats are safe and wholesome. We created Snarfies to be a local food resource for the families with pets in our community.

We're small and local. At Snarfies, we make our treats by hand, on our farm, with ingredients we have grown ourselves or sourced locally from farmers we know. There are no cheap fillers or adulterated ingredients from "elsewhere." Our treats are simply pure, single-ingredient proteins.

We work with farmers we know who raise livestock for people. We believe in their animal husbandry and commitment to humane farming practices. We personally eat what they grow. We acquire high quality ingredients for Snarfies from them to ensure no good protein is going to waste, and this helps create additional levels of sustainability in our local agricultural community.

We aspire to be a trusted local resource for people who want quality treats for their pets. We plan to expand our offerings as we grow. If you are looking for something we don't yet offer, please, let us know.