Snarfies Beef Liver & Egg Omelet Pet Treats 3.0 oz

Snarfies Beef Liver & Egg Omelet Pet Treats 3.0 oz


Easy to chew, with a tasty crunchability, Snarfies egg-based treats are packed with flavor and all the nutritional benefits of fresh farm-raised eggs. Our egg treats are made by hand with 100% natural U.S. farmed eggs. There are no additives, binders, fillers, grains, or powdered anything. Just egg, or egg and beef liver - pure protein ingredients your dog will love.


  • Only 2 ingredients

  • Grain free

  • 100% natural U.S. farmed eggs

  • 100% made in the USA

  • Less than 2.5 calories per treat

INGREDIENTS: Beef liver, egg


  • Crude protein (min) — 36%

  • Crude fat (min) — 20%

  • Crude fiber (max) —1%

  • Moisture (max) — 6%

NET WEIGHT: 0.1875 lbs / 3.0 OZ / 85.05 g

FEEDING RECOMMENDATION: Snarfies are nutritionally dense treats and should not be more than 10% of your dog's daily calorie intake. Give sparingly, as part of a balanced diet. 

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